Catswheel Modellen.

Cody’s Catswheel (we have changed our name from Catswheel into Cody’s Catswheel) is an ideal way for your cat indoors to move. Exercise is good for your pet, and especially
good for his condition.
And in this way they can maintain their muscle mass and also well developed.


 ” Happy cats and Happy owners, that is the key! ”


Cody’s Catswheel is designed for your pet, and is unique in the Netherlands , Since 2009!
The wheel is made of aluminum with a steel base, so that it always stays firmly in place.
The rotating part runs on heavy bearings.
This makes walking in the wheel very light, quiet! and maintenance free.
The material word after producing powdercoated, so that
The inside of the wheel normaly become covered with carpet project, which is very sturdy and well "tested" for a pleasant walking comfort.

The material is powdercoated  (in standard black)after production, Other colors are possible on request, we can supply any RAL color on request at a small extra charge.

Cody’s Catswheel is in various designs and sizes available:

Normal 100cm, (H106 cm - B100 cm - Depth loopvlak28, 5 cm)
Large   125cm, (H135 cm - B125cm - Tread Depth 28.5 cm)


-Open Drop Model, (with  always plexiglas behind!)
-Catspaws  Model, (with the option plexiglas behind)

-Big Catspaw model (with  always plexiglas behind)

-Solid Back Wall


















Type Cats Paws Model                                              Type Open Drop Model














Type Solid Back Wall                                                   Type Big Cats Paw



Cody’s Catswheel pricelist:










At the wheel is normally a delivery time of +/- 10 weeks, because we are making the wheels in order (with several reservations there may be a waiting list) we always require a deposit of € 200, -
if you want to order a wheel.

The sale price is exclusive shipping and delivery costs.











































For more information about Cody’s Catswheel, please contact us through the following options:

Claudia van Praat-Kruithof
Patrijsstraat 12
4921 VZ MADE (Noord-Brabant)

Phone: (0031) (0) 162-681560



You can also find us on Facebook:  

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For all your other aluminum and stainless steel TIG welding please contact us!
For questions, please send an email to:
info@catswheel.nl  , according to Jos van Praat.